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Couponing at Target

Do you love shopping at The Bullseye? I’m not going to lie, even before I was a couponer, I  LVED Target. Good prices, great clearance, cute clothes and… Starbucks! What’s not to love? Well, when I started couponing, Target became one of my all-time favorite places to score deals at because they’re a fantastic place for couponers, as well! Read on to learn all about couponing at Target. Before getting started couponing at Target, as with any store, be sure to read the official coupon policy Here. You will also want to download the Target Mobile App (Click here for iOS or Here for Android) for easy access to the weekly flyer, sales, promotions and to view item prices!

Coupons, Coupons Everywhere.

Target puts out store coupons in a variety of ways. You can sometimes find them in your newspaper, in your mailbox in special Target mailers or they’re sometimes available as printable coupons. You can also access store mobile coupons via Target Cartwheel, which we’ll talk about a bit further on in this article.

Target allows one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. This means if you have a $1 Target coupon for Bounty paper towels and a $1 manufacturer coupon for Bounty paper towels, you can combine it to get $2 off a single package of Bounty paper towels.

Most Target coupons state they are limited to one coupon per guest. This means that you can only use one of that specific coupon doing that shopping trip. Occasionally we see Target coupons with a limit of 4 like coupons per guest. This means you can use up to 4 of the same Target coupon per shopping trip as long as you are buying enough products to satisfy the purchase requirements of each like coupon you are using. Referencing the example above, that means if you have have three of the same Target coupons for Bounty paper towels, you can use all in one transaction as long as you are buying 3 packs of Bounty paper towels.

Target Category Coupons

Target also puts out what are referred to as “Category Coupons.” These coupons will apply to a wide range of products in a specific category. For example, we have seen category coupons for “$10 off a $50 Grocery purchase” or “$5 off a $25 Beauty Purchase” (we occasionally see variation of this coupon to earn a Target Gift Card for spending a certain amount in a certain category rather than money off.) The coupon will state which types of items the coupon can be used on, in addition to any items that may be excluded. Target Category Coupons will be advertised in the weekly ad and be available either as a coupon you can clip from the ad, use from the Target app, to print online or any combination of those options. 

Target also accepts manufacturer coupons.

According to their coupon policy, Target accepts up to four like manufacturer coupons per transaction, unless the small print on the coupon limits it even further than that. You can use insert coupons or printable manufacturer coupons while shopping there. Additionally, Target Cartwheel offers digital manufacturer coupons, as well. We’ll talk about Target Cartwheel in a moment.

In relation to Target Store category-wide coupons, you can use individual manufacturer coupons in conjunction with those. The best part is that the threshold for using the Target category-wide coupon is calculated pre-coupons. This means that if you have that $10 off $50 Grocery Purchase Target store coupon and $15 in individual manufacturer coupons for the grocery items, you can spend $50 and get a total of $25 off your purchase.

Stack your coupons for the best savings.

Using a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item is referred to as “coupon stacking” and it’s one of the best ways to increase your savings each time you shop. Make sure that you check the Coupon Database regularly for any coupons that you can stack together on purchases.

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Always use Cartwheel.

Okay, so Target Cartwheel is basically amazing. This is a program available online and/or within the phone app that allows you to save percentages on all sorts of things. You’ll find Target Cartwheel offers for everything from 5% – 50% off, and for everything from generic to name-brand items. Occasionally we have even seen some super high value offers of 75% to 100% off! 

When you sign up for Cartwheel, you’ll get a unique barcode connected to your Cartwheel account. Save offers to your Cartwheel and scan that same barcode each time you shop to get the discounts. Your unique Target Cartwheel barcode will never change. You can either have the cashier scan it right from your phone or print out the barcode from the Cartwheel website to have the cashier scan like a coupon. I always recommend keeping a printed copy of your barcode handy just in case your phone dies or you happen to have some other issue with your mobile device. 

Typically, the redemption limit for Target Cartwheel is four like items per transaction, up to 6 transactions per day. This means if you have “saved” a Target Cartwheel offer worth 10% off 12 packs of Coca-Cola, you can purchase 4 of those packs of Coca-Cola to get 10% off each one. If you purchase a 5th pack in that same transaction, it will not get discounted. You will need to purchase those  in a separate transaction in order for the discount to apply. Cartwheel discounts are calculated after Target coupons but before manufacturer coupons. 


Dog food is on sale for $10.00 and let’s say there is a Target Cartwheel offer for 50% OFF. PLUS, you have a manufacturer coupon to save $1.00 off 1 bag and a Target coupon to save $1.00 off 1 bag. 

  • $10.00 – $1.00 Target Coupon = $9.00
  • $9.00 x 50% OFF Target Cartwheel Offer = $4.50
  • $4.50 – $1.00 Manufacture Coupon = $3.50 (Final Price after Cartwheel and Coupons)

Target Cartwheel also has a Perks program that is available in select markets, and is rumored to be rolling out to all markets soon. Perks allows you to earn points for each transaction that you do, whether you’re redeeming a discount or not. You receive 10 Perks Points for every dollar you spend, with a free Perk being offered when you earn 5,000 points. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the cashier scan your Cartwheel barcode on every single purchase, no matter what. When you get to 5,000 points, you can choose from a list of free “Perks”. I’ve gotten things like a free Thanksgiving turkey, free baking pans, free toys, and free sunglasses using my Target Perks points. It’s a great way to reward you for making purchases!

Get a RedCard. Like yesterday.

On top of manufacturer coupons, store coupons and Cartwheel, you can use a Target RedCard to save an additional 5% on every single purchase you make. All the time. No limits. And, the RedCard can be either a credit card OR a debit card. It’s so easy to apply for a RedCard, also. And there are tons of bonuses available to RedCard holders, like occasional freebies from the Target Cafe and exclusive mailer coupons. The Debit version of the Target Red Card is a no brainer if you already have an existing checking account – it doesn’t even require a credit check to get! Get a Target Red Card Here or you can apply in-store at any register or at the customer service desk. Just be sure to bring a cancelled check if you plan on getting the debit version at the store.

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That means “Bring Your Own Bags.” For every reusable bag you use at Target, they’ll give you $0.05 off your order. Every bit counts!

Target Gift card deals are the best deals.

Target runs promotional sales for items where you can earn gift cards for buying certain quantities of things. It might be something like “Buy 3 boxes of Playtex Tampons, get a $5.00 Target gift card” or “Buy 2 Super Boxes of Huggies Diapers, get a $10 Target gift card”. The best way to save big at Target is to use coupons and Cartwheel offers on gift card deals. This means you are not only getting a great price, but you are also getting money back that you can use to purchase ANYTHING that Target Sells!

If you got em’ Roll em – Gift Cards that is!

If you plan on stocking up on items that offer back a gift card with purchase, it’s best to split up your transactions to “roll” your gift cards. This just means you use a gift card earned in a previous transaction to pay less money out of pocket and earn back another gift card with your purchase. Depending on the deal, this can be a great way to stock up without spending a lot of money out of pocket!

Let’s break it down.

Say you’re going to Target and you need (to reference examples above) Bounty Paper Towels, Playtex Tampons and Huggies Diapers. Each one has a gift card deal for it. They also have coupons and Cartwheel offers available. To get the best price overall, you would split each gift card deal into a separate transaction and use the gift card you earned from the previous transaction to pay for the next one. For example:

Transaction #1

Buy (3) Playtex Tampons @ $3.99 each = $11.97 (Buy 3 Get a $5.00 Gift Card)

  • Use $1.00/2 Playtex Tampons Target store coupon
  • And use 15% off Playtex Tampons Target Cartwheel offer
  • And use (3) $1.00/1 Playtex Tampons manufacturer coupons
  • Use the Target RedCard to save an additional 5%
  • And bring a reusable bag to save $0.05
  • Pay OOP $5.96 (+ tax) & get back a $5.00 Target gift card 

Transaction #2

Buy (2) Bounty Basic Paper Towel 12-packs @ $11.99 each = $23.98 (Buy 2 Get a $5.00 Gift Card) 

  • Use $1.00/1 Bounty Paper Towels Target store coupon
  • And use 20% off Bounty Basic Paper Towels Target Cartwheel offer
  • And use (2) $1.00/1 Bounty Paper Towels manufacturer coupons
  • Use the Target RedCard to save an additional 5%
  • And bring a reusable bag to save $0.05
  • And use $5.00 gift card earned in transaction #1
  • Pay OOP $10.51 (+ tax) & get back a $5.00 Target gift card 

Transaction #3

Buy (2) Huggies Super Pack Diapers @ $24.99 each = $49.98 (Buy 2 Get a $10 Gift Card)

  • Use $2.00/1 Huggies Diapers Target store coupon
  • And use 25% off Huggies Diapers Target Cartwheel Offer
  • And use (2) $3.00/1 Huggies Diapers manufacturer coupons
  • Use the Target RedCard to save an additional 5%
  • And bring a reusable bag to save $0.05
  • And use $5.00 gift card earned in transaction #2
  • Pay OOP $23.44 & get back a $10 Target gift 
  • Save your gift card for your next shopping trip


  • Total retail price of all transactions: $85.93
  • Total OOP paid: $39.91
  • Plus: You are leaving with another $10 Target gift card
  • Total net price: $29.91 for $85.93 worth of product.

That’s it! Now keep in mind your goal is to end your shopping each week with at least one gift card to “roll” into your shopping next week. That will make your first transaction’s price even lower, as well. For example, if I had a $5.00 Target gift card from last week’s shopping to use in this example trip, my net price would have only been $19.91 for everything!

Bonus Tips

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here are some bonus tips for successful money-saving and couponing at Target:

  • Check out clearance. Target will have clearance for all kinds of stuff, and you can use coupons on clearance items as well. Learn more about how to get the best clearance deals at Target.


  • Price match. You have to bring in the competitor’s ad, and it has to be the exact item (brand, size, flavor, etc). You also have to price match at customer service. I haven’t price matched much at Target because I find their deals tend to be cheaper than other brands, but it’s good information to have. Learn more about Target’s Price Match Guarantee Here.


  • Keep the coupon policy with you. It’s a good idea to print it out and stick it in your coupon binder or purse. I do this with any stores I shop at regularly because it makes it easier to resolve any potential confusion in regard to what coupons (and amounts of coupons) you can or can’t use.


Ready to shop at Target? Let us know in the comments below!